Always specialists

For over 18 years, we have been specialists in the production of luxury T-Shirts and Polos, produced with the best yarns in the world.

To achieve this, we start from the raw material and carefully follow every single phase of processing, rigorously "Made in Italy", thus creating a Superior Quality product.

It is a process that requires time, energy and patience, and which by now only very few producers are willing to follow, but just by touching one of our garments you will immediately understand that it was worth it.

Wearing it then you will fall in love with the work we do

s p e c i a l i s t i

Produced in Italy

The continuous search for Excellence necessarily passes through a meticulous control of every single production phase.

All our garments are developed and produced in Italy, in particular in the so-called territory. of the "Tre Venezie".

This choice lies in the tradition that has always accompanied our manufacturing towards accurate and rich processing for the refinement of fabrics, yarns and precision in processing.

The tradition

Our history starts from the tradition of "knowing how to do art".

We have always been taught the value of precision, the meticulous choice of fabrics of the highest quality, the importance of raw materials and scrupulous care of the workmanship.

our goal is not only to create well-made clothing, we want to create the best ...

The best of it that can be found in the world, by choice, by passion, by intuition and by historical philosophy.

We want to dress our customers with the best raw material, with the best fit, with the best possible attention and care .

A centuries-old tradition ...

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We believe that to be truly sustainable fashion must make the life cycle of clothing longer. Rediscovering the pleasure of becoming attached to and wearing a dress or a t-shirt for a long time. Recovering classic and elegant shapes and colors. But above all by choosing materials and processes that allow a garment to remain beautiful even after years of being worn, washed and ironed, indeed, even improving.

S o s t e n i b i l i t à

The weaving

Here we begin to work our yarns, among the finest in the world, with long fibers such as double plies, Supima cotton or Giza (hand-picked in the Nile plain).

I fabrics are made, in the jargon it is called "knitted", on these particular looms called "circular machines" on which up to 72 spools of yarn are normally mounted.

the 72 threads enter the machine where a needle for each thread works in perfect synchrony with the other needles, in the slow and accurate weaving process.

The cutting shop

The cutting shop is the place where all our fabrics start to be processed.

Our particular product category, in which we are professionals, is called "Cut & Sewn", that is "cut and sewing "for the particular manufacturing process of the garments.

We use laser technology to guarantee the perfection of the cut with millimeter precision.

The packaging

Once our garments have been cut, they begin their process of making, in which the individual elements (the front, the back, the sleeves, the collars and all the other accessories) are sewn together to make the finished garment.

Our production process is entrusted exclusively to Italian seamstresses with many years of experience, to guarantee the best in terms of product quality.

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